All schools are required to have a policy towards Charging and Remission for activities that take place in and out of school hours.  The Olive Tree Primary School operates the following policy:

a)   It is proposed that where activities take place during school session time, parents will be invited to make voluntary contributions towards the total cost.  Such activities would include swimming lessons, class outings, day visits and any group of visiting actors, etc.  A pupil will not be debarred from taking part in the activity because the parents cannot or will not contribute, but the activity may not take place unless sufficient voluntary contributions are received to cover the cost.

b)  Charges may be made for instrumental music tuition during school hours.

c)  For any activity that takes place outside school session time (e.g. theatre visit), charges will be levied as appropriate.

d)   Charges for craft and cooking materials may be levied where parents have indicated they wish to own the finished article.

e)   Voluntary contributions may be sought to cover miscellaneous expenses e.g. Eid Parties.


Possible additions to our policy??

The Board of Governors recognise the valuable contribution that the wide range of additional activities, including trips, clubs and residential experiences can make towards pupils’ education.

The Board of Governors aim to promote and provide such activities both as part of a broad and balanced curriculum for the pupils of the school and as additional optional activities.



The Board of Governors reserve the right to make a charge in the following circumstances for activities organised by the school:

Extra Curricular and School Clubs

Clubs and activities provided by third parties will be chargeable


The school will make its facilities available to outside users at a charge of at least the cost of providing the facilities. The scale of charges is determined annually by the Resource Committee and form part of our separate Lettings policy.

Other Charges

The Headteacher, Resource committee or Board of Governors may levy charges for miscellaneous services up to the cost of providing such services, e.g. Photocopying


In order to remove financial barriers from disadvantaged pupils, the governing body has agreed that some activities and visits where charges can legally be made will be offered at no charge or a reduced charge to parents in particular circumstances.

If the parent/guardian of a pupil is in receipt of free school meals, charges in respect of board and lodging could be remitted in full.

Friends of The Olive Tree Primary School

We raise funds through the provision of community events and school activities for children.  The Association charges children to attend evening Discos or other such entertainment.  Children usually attend in sufficient numbers to ensure a profit is made for the Association funds, which are dedicated to providing additional resources for school.

Charging for Breakages, Damage or Loss

Subject to the school recognising that accidental damage can occur, the school will seek to recover the costs incurred as a result of any item of school property being damaged, broken or lost as a result of misbehaviour, thoughtless behaviour or carelessness. Damage to books, equipment or fabric of the building is unacceptable and offenders are expected to make good the cost of such damage. Parents will be charged for wilful damage by their children, to school property.   In the event of books being lost or damaged, parents/carers will be asked to replace or refund the total cost of each book.