School performance tables

Please click here to view the most up to date primary school performance table information available for our school from the Department for Education.

We offer a full and balanced curriculum ensuring the essential skills of Literacy and Numeracy are taught effectively.

The key curriculum principles in the Olive Tree Primary School are:

  • Every child will be supported and challenged to achieve their full potential during their time at the school.
  • Every child will have a positive view of education and an enthusiasm for learning during their time at the school and beyond.
  • The National Curriculum is at the core of the broad and balanced curriculum with particular emphasis on high levels of attainment in English and Maths.
  • In curriculum design and delivery, as well as in the management of learning, there is a clear emphasis on personalisation. The Olive Tree Primary School is committed to providing 21st centuary learning. The school is the first of its kind to create a 1:1 learning environment where all pupils use learning devices to support personalised learning.  Curriculum planning is delivered robustly,  allowing for access to learning anytime, anywhere increasing transparency and quality of learning.  The flipped learning model is embedded through well designed ‘Pre learning’ tasks ensuring our pupils are well prepared and make progress. High quality voice feedback over marking allows for deep learning and faster progression.

Pupils are already able to access learning resources from anywhere in the school and soon be able to do so from home. The school has a strong ethos of ‘continuing learning beyond the classroom’ and parents, as stakeholders will play a vital role in supporting this.


Additional Policies