Parental Partnership

The Olive Tree Primary School is committed to ensure that we support and work closely with our parents to ensure our families receive the very best care, welfare and education. As part of this commitment we are involved in the Leading Parent Partnership Award.

How Does the Leading Parent Partnership Award Work?

Working effectively with parents and carers to help them to support their children’s learning and development is crucial, right through from Nursery to Year 6 and beyond

LPPA Programme helps schools to enhance their existing work with parents and carers

Encouraging the use of a wide range of communicating strategies, from the traditional newsletter to the school’s virtual learning environment. Getting to know parents needs

Giving guidance for simple but creative ways of providing curriculum information and practical advice that will enable parents and carers to support their children’s learning

Developing joint parent and child enrichment activities, so that parents, carers and their children can enjoy learning together

Developing effective management strategies to build a sustainable approach to parent partnership across the school

Providing evidence that meets Ofsted’s requirement for parental engagement

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Benefits of the LPPA.

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A developmental process for schools, the LPPA contributes to:

Improved pupil attendance, punctuality, behaviour and progress

Increased parental participation and involvement

Enhanced parental support for children’s learning

Improved home school communications

Qualitative and quantitative evidence of improvement and success

Working towards the LPPA will support the work in Community Cohesion, Extended Schools and needs of all children. The LPPA also provides evidence required by Ofsted on the quality of the school’s engagement with parents.

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