Relationships and Health Education (RHE)

'RHE Parent Webinar' delivered on Thursday 18th March 2021.

Our RHE Policy.

The policy below has been updated following consultation, in light of feedback received from parents, trustees and the school's working group. This (final) version was approved by trustees in December 2023.

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RHE Consultation Report

The report below was drafted in response to feedback received from parents, trustees and the school's working group as part of our RHE consultation.

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RHE Lesson Plans and Resources

The following lesson plans form the basis of our scheme of work for RHE and have been purchased from The Association of Muslim Schools UK following their widespread consultation.

Introduction of Statutory Relationships and Health Education (RHE) from Summer 2021.

Under the Children and Social Work Act 2017 the government committed to making Relationships and Health Education (RHE) statutory in all primary schools, including local authority maintained schools, academies, free schools and independent schools from September 2020. This includes The Olive Tree primary school.

Due to COVID-19, the government allowed schools to delay this until the Summer term of this academic year (2021) in order for schools to liaise with parents through a parental consultation.

Although our initial intentions were to conduct a face-to-face consultation, the prevalence of COVID-19 meant that this was simply not possible. We therefore conducted the consultation remotely.

Parental Consultation.

The consultation took place in two phases:

Phase 1: Online survey and information gathering / sharing: 16/02/21 until 01/03/21; THE PARENTAL SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED.

Phase 2: Further information gathering and sharing: 12/03/21 until 26/03/21. THIS PHASE OF THE CONSULTATION HAS ENDED.​

Following the two consultation phases outlined above, the Trust Board will review staff / parental feedback and communicate to parents the conclusions they have reached and the curriculum approach the Trust plans to adopt - through the school's RHE policy - in readiness for delivery from 19th April 2021.

In recognition of the sensitivities that exist within the school’s community, when drafting our policy and curriculum plan for Relationships and Health Education, the Trust Board is actively liaising with:

The Association of Muslim Schools UK (AMSUK);

The Bolton Council of Mosques (BCOM).

Pupil listening in class

​In consulting parents, we believe it is important to be clear from the outset and throughout, that while parents' views are absolutely welcomed and will be genuinely reflected on by the Trust to reach their final decisions, they do not amount to a veto over curriculum content. Different parents are likely to have conflicting views and the Trust needs to consider its statutory duties, alongside parents’ views, in making their decision. This means that a veto from parents is not possible and would not be in the best interests of the school or its pupils.

Our Approach to RHE.

In developing our school’s approach to Relationships and Health Education amongst the wider aspect of Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE), we intend to fulfil a number of steps, to include:

Communicating with parents about the school’s approach to PSHE education from the moment their child starts at the school;

Policy consultation – by inviting parental feedback to review and help establish the school’s Relationships and Health Education policy;

Parental surveys – to establish parents’ current understanding of Relationships and Health Education and to provide the opportunity for parents to ask questions and share their concerns.

Open door policy – encouraging parents to discuss their child’s learning with their child’s class teacher;

Sharing of curriculum resources – to explain what will be taught and the resources that will be used;

Providing advice on how to talk to children about relationships and sensitive issues such as growth and development (puberty) at home;

Publishing our RHE curriculum on the school website;

Publishing FAQs on PSHE education, including Relationships and Health Education, on the school website.

Further Information for Parents.

AMSUK webinar for parents regarding the teaching of Relationships and Health Education.

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Department for Education guidance for parents about Relationships and Health Education.

When accessing the above resources, please note the following:

The AMSUK webinar is viewed via Youtube – which may lead to other external videos / links appearing on your screen. AMSUK and The Olive Tree DO NOT have any control over these.

The AMSUK webinar contains information for BOTH primary and secondary schools. Although the secondary content is not entirely relevant to pupils attending The Olive Tree, it is hoped that its inclusion is useful for parents with children attending secondary school.​

Dedicated Inbox for RHE.

Should you have any additional comments or questions regarding the teaching of RHE, please email these to our school office: